Storage Packing Tips 101

Is summer looking like the perfect time to move? Spring is the best time to prepare for summer plans and with our storage packing tips you will know exactly what to do. Bowman Plains Self Storage is here to assist you when selling the house is a must or fixing it up is next on the to-do list. With temperatures on the rise we know the home improvement projects are also growing, so if you need extra storage get ready before arriving to the unit with these storage packing tips.

Frederick MD Storage packing tips

  • As soon as you know you are moving, make a schedule of important dates to give to those helping you move.
  • When packing the car or rental truck before storage, pack what you will need first towards the back. This way these belongings are in the front of your unit.
  • Labels are very important not just to movers but also for you. After an extended stay in storage you may forget what is in each box or what has breakables.
  • Keep objects from the same room group together for easy moving and storing.
  • When packing the fine china put each plate in a bubble wrap sleeve or with a cardboard divider. Remember to use your fragile stickers so anyone helping knows these are fragile items.
  • A variety of boxes help when moving the entire house. Put heavy things in little boxes and light items in large containers.
  • When making your supplies list get enough tape to seal all your valuables for storage.
  • During a move or extensive clean that is the time to make some cuts to your belongings. Donate gear you are not using and recycle broken materials.

Enjoy the summer sun and blooming flowers with the help of our extra space. These storage packing tips will prepare your belongings for long term or short term storage at Bowman Plains Self Storage.

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