Self Storage Tips for the Fall

Fall is right around the corner, do you need help swapping your summer items for fall tools? Bowman Plains Self Storage has Frederick MD storage units to help when swapping seasons. Our storage units and self storage tips get businesses organized and homeowners with organized space. Before the weather starts to get cooler, stop by and find a storage unit in Frederick MD that benefits your gear this fall.

Self Storage Tips Frederick MD

Pool Supplies

  1. Temperature controlled storage units keep chemicals from growing mold or mildew. A damp environment produces unwanted growth and our temperature controlled storage units will stop it before it grows.
  2. Vinegar is a gentle solution for getting rid of dirt and chlorine. Make sure there is plenty of time for these items to dry before going into storage.
  3. Before closing the storage unit door, place a few DampRid moisture absorbing products around your belongings, to keep condensation out.

Storing Grills

  1. Clean all parts of the grill of food and grease.
  2. Spraying a light layer of oil can winterize it and prevent condensation from causing rust.
  3. Bleed the gas line and remove propane tanks before storage. Keep flammable liquids somewhere safe, cool, and dry.
  4. We keep our storage units pest free with preventative measures. Keeping food out of your storage unit will aid in the process of pest free storage.

Gardening Equipment

  1. After a long season of gardening, sharpen blades and fix any broken or splintering handles.
  2. If the tools are past their prime, replace them before the next season.

Lawn Mowers

  1. Take spark plugs off and put the battery on a tender. Bring the battery with you, so you can monitor its charging.
  2. When storing the lawn mower, remove gas. This flammable liquid is not allowed in storage units or in gas powered tools.

Find the Frederick MD storage unit you need this fall, at Bowman Plains Self Storage. Our experts can show you just how easy it is to switch your summer items for fall.

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