Home Storage: Storage Tips For A Small Space

Home Storage: Storage Tips For A Small Space

How can self storage keep a small space tidy? Bowman Plains Self Storage has the space to make downsizing or a big move simple. If your home is expecting a new baby or your new business has outgrown the the office, maybe it is time to consider storing a few items. Our Frederick MD outdoor parking is another benefit Bowman Plains Self Storage has.

Home storage, whether renting a studio apartment or a single family home, can be the solution you need and Bowman Plains Self Storage has the experts and storage rentals ready. Seasonal clothing, outdoor equipment, and vehicle storage can all be taken care of with our Frederick MD storage options.

5 Small Space Storage Tips

  1. Moving away from home for college? Store your school gear with us for summer break. A short term storage unit can make the transition from home to school easier.
  2. Dream of your new home and store updated furniture. If you want the full sectional in the new home but do not have room now, storage can be useful.
  3. Many make their living off selling products on Etsy and EBay. If you find your products need a room all their own, rent a storage unit!
  4. Parking the RV or boat for a season? Bowman Plains Self Storage has outdoor parking for RVs, boats, and vehicles.
  5. Parents who find themselves ready to downsize their home but not belongings, find an answer with self storage.

If you are going through a big move or life changing event, Bowman Plains Self Storage has options. Rent online or stop by our Frederick MD storage facility on Navistar Drive.

Home Buying Made Easy

Start your home search online with Zillow, Trulia, and Apartment Finder. Choose from renting or buying, in the neighborhood or in a new state! These sites will start any home search on the right foot.

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