Excess Items? Sell Online

Where do you keep you extra belongings? Some store their seasonal gear in our Frederick MD storage units while others sell online. To make room and extra money for future plans, selling your items online could be helpful.

A space saving technique like an online yard sale can be just what you need during your move. Moving things you have not used in a few years? Parting with them may be easier than you thought, with the help of these online selling sites.

Bowman Plains Self Storage knows how important your belongings are, that is why we offer drive up self storage and temperature controlled storage units. You choose which of our Frederick MD storage units is the right move for you!

Sell Online Frederick MD

Sell Online: Save Space

  1. Make sure the items you post for sale have a good description and photos to join.
  2. If you are selling furniture, note the dimensions for scale and if there are scuffs or damages.
  3. To get the best photo, put each belonging in front of a white background in a well lit space. Take a few shots and upload the best ones.
  4. Sell similar items in a group! If you are trying to sell your items fast, like kids clothes or seasonal tools, consider selling them in groups.
  5. Be professional! Many of the selling sites ask for reviews from both sellers and buyers. Having a good rating will show others you are a reliable person to buy from.

Where to Sell Your Items?

Choosing the right website to post your belongings can help speed up the process. Many homeowner and apartment renters are looking for furnishings on Facebook Marketplace. EBay is great if your items are more collector items. Etsy is ideal if you are selling a specific handmade product.

Bowman Plains Self Storage can be the safe storage in Frederick MD that you need for your belongings online. Our office accepts packages for current customers too! Just another feature to assist you. Our store manager can answer your questions and explain the benefits of our self storage.

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