Why Choose Temperature Controlled Storage?

Is the business growing so fast you need extra space? Add temperature controlled storage to the top of your list. Bowman Plains Self Storage is preparing for summer with these storing tips for your business. There is a lot on the calendar with vacations and big moves, so let us take some pressure off with a secure storage unit.

Temperature Controlled Storage Frederick MD

Summer is prime time to sell the house. Start by cleaning from top to bottom with the mindset of a new home owner. Realtors know the market better than anyone so if they are suggesting you cut back on the amount of items out, use storage to make this happen. Extreme heat and cold can cause your wood furniture to change and damage your photos. A storage unit that is monitored all year long, will take this worry away. Whether you are looking for storage options for your client or you need them yourself, Bowman Plains Self Storage has a unit in Frederick MD.

Contractors and landscapers use storage as a workshop for extra equipment. So they are not stuck out of work when something breaks, many companies store extra equipment. You can keep going without skipping a beat.

Industries benefiting from storage

  • Hospitals
  • Retail Stores
  • Mechanics
  • Restaurants

Storage is more then a solution for families moving. Bowman Plains Self Storage makes it possible for businesses to see how storing can benefit their production. This season is a busy one for most and our temperature controlled storage is making it a little less hectic.

How do you get started? Give us a call or stop by. Renting online is also a possibility and one you can take advantage of anytime.

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