Business Storage Solutions: What is best for your company?

Stay a step ahead with business storage solutions for the warehouse, office, even the traveling salespersons. Bowman Plains Self Storage features indoor storage as well as drive up units so we consistently offer what our customers need. Did you know commercial office space is around 60% more expensive than self storage? You may not need a new office, just more open space to keep doing what is best for your company.

Business Storage Solutions Frederick MD

Improvements storage offers

More space around the office for new employees

Organized files with a location for past records that is out of harms way

Prepared for the future with a stockpile of products always ready for shipment

Peace of mind knowing your business needs are met with our professional storing

How are businesses using storage?

Contractors need a place for storing lawn mowers, snow blowers, even miscellaneous tools. A storage unit works as a communal workshop for all members of the team.

Realtors put their best face forward when it comes to the new listing. Signs, business cards, promotional gear keep the “just off the printer” look with a secure dry storage unit.

Pharmaceutical and sales representatives travel all over highlighting products their company offers. If you find yourself searching for a location to keep things while traveling for business, a small storage unit can be an integral part to a productive enterprise.

Whether you are storing goods or reorganizing home office, storage can be a vital part to how you function. Be proactive for your company and start using our business storage solutions for your extra storing needs. Our Frederick MD storage facility can be the answer to storing your goods. Stop by for a tour or choose one of the units available online.

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